Allergan Plc, wants to find the perfect forecasting model that maps drug demand and supply using Data Analytics.

Allergan plc is a pharmaceutical giant that serves patients, globally. The company wants a Business Analyst/Data Scientist Intern who can build a forecasting model that matches drug supply with demand in real time, to reduce inventory waste and drug expiration.

About the Company

Allergan plc is a global pharmaceutical company that is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded regenerative medicine products for its global patients. Allegan is looking for a Business Analyst/Data Scientist Intern who can model the demand for drugs such that supply meets demand in real time, thereby reducing waste in the form of excess expired drugs.

Detailed Job Description

Key responsibilities of a Business Analyst/Data Scientist:

1. Develop domain expertise in the Pharmaceutical industry
2. Review popular models used for forecasting demand in the pharmaceutical industry for effective supply chain management and reduction of expired drugs
3. Collation, cleaning, analysis and forecasting of drug demand data (based on past sales data of the company)
4. Model the responsiveness of the product potential to changes in market factors, drug related R&D, and marketing efforts undertaken by the company
5. Periodic provision of demand forecasts at the relevant level/region 

#stata/SPSS/Ms-Excel/MS Access

Benefit & Perks

Internship may lead to job offers, Stipend & Internship letter