Arkray Inc is hiring diagnostics specialists who are experts at multitasking and managing day-to-day operations of the company

Arkray inc, a pioneer in healthcare equipment manufacturing is looking for candidates with an educational background in science to work with them as a diagnostics specialist. In this role, you will be working full-time with Arkray to assist its team in its day-to-day activities and field visits. 

About the Company

Arkray Healthcare Healthcare is a leading Japanese IVD manufacturer with presence in more than 80 countries. Its product portfolio includes cutting-edge medical devices for laboratory, point-of-care and self-care use. Arkray Healthcare has been present in India since last 11 years and has been constantly exploring the various segments of the Indian diagnostic market with its wide product portfolio.

Detailed Job Description

1) CALLS ON PATHOLOGISTS & TECHNICIANS- During the course of month, the Customer Contact Executive will make 225-240 standard calls on Pathologists, Physicians, Technicians, Blood Banks, Hospitals or any other present or prospective customers depending on the number of working days in a month (i.e. 25 to 27 working days). Standard calls shall mean calls on Pathologists, Professors, Readers, Lecturers and Technicians, or any prospective end-user / customer / prescription of company’s products / services.

 2) VISIT TO STOCKISTS-In a month, the Customer Contact Executive will visit stockists covering all stockists functioning in his currently assigned territory depending on the working days in a month, (i.e. 25 to 27 working days). The Customer Contact Executive should try to book as many orders as possible from stockists.

 3) REGULARITY IN DAILY WORK- The Customer Contact Executive will observe regularity in their daily work and they will regularly post their daily reports duly filled in every day, except on holiday and Sunday and day or days of leave in which cases they will post the daily reports on the following days.

 4) ADHERENCE TO TOUR PROGRAMMES- The Customer Contact Executives will follow the approved tour programme based on standard tour programme fixed by the Management. Such tour programme should be forwarded by the Customer Contact Executive to the Marketing Department 60 days in advance to enable the Marketing Executive to plan out his working with Customer Contact Executive well in advance so that the Customer Contact Executive receives his programme containing the working of his Marketing Executive with him well in advance. In case of deviation from the approved tour programme under unforeseen circumstances, the Customer Contact Executive will inform the Marketing office telegraphically or by a letter giving reasons.

 5) BROAD WORKING PATTERN- The broad working pattern and responsibilities of the Customer Contact Executives in terms of implementation are listed below: I) To judiciously use clinical samples, demonstration kits, literatures, stationary and gift articles as and when provided to them by the Management for demonstration / distribution amongst Doctors. II) To book orders from Doctors, Chemists, Hospitals and Institutions and other customers. III) The Customer Contact Executive irrespective of any designation given to them is defined as an employee making calls to all the present and prospective customers of the company’s products or services. IV) To co-operate with the Management by requesting the stockist to retire documents in time and by following up payment by the Government and other institutions. V) To actively participate in the sales conference, sales meetings, refresher courses, conducted by the Company or its supervisory staff. VI) To co-operate with the Management in increasing sales turnover and achieve sales target set up for individual representative. VII) To make available sales statistics supplied by the Company to individual representatives at the time of discussion during sales meetings or sales conferences. VIII) To comply with the directives of the Company and extended all co-operation to the respective supervisory staff and the Company’s officers and Executives while working o the field and in promoting sales of the Company’s products. IX) To direct the efforts and activities for the promotion and augmentation of sales of Company’s product keeping adequate pace with the growth of the diagnostics industry in the country on the whole and bearing in mind the potentiality of individual products of the Company. X) To equip themselves with adequate product knowledge about Company’s products and shall remain fully acquainted with the competitors’ products and activities and will provide proper feed back in this respect to the Marketing Office.

 6) PREPARATION OF LIST OF PATHOLOGISTS, TECHNICIANS (CUSTOMERS)- Each Customer Contact Executive will prepare a list of all Pathologists and Technicians, customers of his territory with their full names, degrees and full postal address, to be visited which may include Pathologists, Professors, Readers, Lecturers and Technicians. Such list should be finalized in consultation with Marketing Executive / Marketing Manager. Such list should be prepared within 3 months from the date of appointment and should be forwarded to the Marketing Office at Surat in duplicate or soft copy as directed. Such list of Pathologists and Technicians will be periodically revised and corrected. The list of Pathologists and Technicians will be treated as confidential and Customer Contact Executives shall not confide any such information either to the Pathologists or to the Professional competitors.

 7) MAINTENANCE OF DIARY- The diary given to the Customer Contact Executive to record their daily calls on Pathologists and Technicians and stockists should be maintained uptodate and should be made available to the Company’s Supervisory staff, Officers or Executives whenever required.

 8) FILLING IN OFF DAILY REPORTS- All columns of the Daily Report form should be filled in properly.

 9) LIST OF STOCKISTS- A complete and uptodate list of stockists in the respective territories of the Customer Contact Executives of the Company will be prepared by the Customer Contact Executive. Such list should be occasionally revised by deletion of name of these stockists who have ceased to operate and by addition of new stockists who have started a fresh in the respective territories of the representative.

 10) EXPENSE STATEMENT-When deductions in the expense statement are made the Company will inform the Customer Contact Executive concerned. The Company agrees to make goods the deductions made by the Company in the expense statement on receiving proper and satisfactory explanation from the representative in respect of such expense.

 11) The Management is at liberty to amend or modify the work norms from time to time as may be necessary in the interest of business and such norms as amended will be binding on the Customer Contact Executive.

 12) The company has 1 opening in Mumbai, 2 in Delhi & 1 in Bangalore.

#Diploma/Graduate In Engineering Or Any Science Graduate

#Good communication and Negotiation skill
#Good team player
#relationship with Diabetologists/Physicians and Cardiologists of the area

Benefit & Perks

Best as per industry standards