A well conducted and focused survey can greatly enhance your understanding of a market. Conduct a survey per Britannia's needs.

Britannia is a well known brand, products of which we all use. Many of Britannia's products have a common ingredient, Egg. Availability and prices of eggs, have the ability to affect production. To understand the Egg Market, Britannia is conducting a survey.
Caution: this project requires a hands on approach!

Key Deliverables

Report on Industry Basics
A report on the business, the egg supply and value chain, the role of NECC  and major cost drivers.

Survey Questionnaire
Design a survey questionnaire aimed at understanding the methods of local market pricing, NECC connectivity, and sourcing opportunities.

Survey Conclusion
An analysis of the answers received post the survey, you conducted. 

Learning Outcomes

In this project you will learn:
1. About Britannia and its operations
2. Commodity market and pricing.
3. Egg supply and value chains
4. Designing a focused survey questionnaire
5. Conducting a physical survey
6. Conducting online research
7. Analysing survey results

Additional Details

Britannia Industries is one of India’s leading food companies with a 100 year legacy and annual revenues in excess of Rs. 9000 Cr. Britannia is among the most trusted food brands, and manufactures India’s favorite brands like Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis and Marie Gold which are household names in India. Britannia’s product portfolio includes Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products including Cheese, Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt. Britannia is a brand which many generations of Indians have grown up with and our brands are cherished and loved in India and the world over. Britannia products are available across the country in close to 5 million retail outlets and reach over 50% of Indian homes.

Many of Britannia's products have a common ingredient, Egg. Availability and prices of eggs have the ability to affect production and thusly, the company. In a bid to understand the Egg Market, Britannia is conducting a survey which look at the following 6 parameters
1. The egg supply chain and value chain.
2. Major cost drivers affecting egg pricing.
3. Effects of seasonality on egg pricing and egg weight.
4. Methodology at local market of pricing and NECC connectivity
5. Evaluate Market pricing in comparison to NECC pricing
6. Identify sourcing opportunities / models for consumption centres.