Are you a numbers geek? Here is an opportunity for all the finance ethusiasts to headstart their careers with Handiman.

Handiman Services Ltd., a facility management solutions company, is looking for interns in finance field. Interns will work in all the key areas of finance from analysising data, developing spreadsheet, making reports to entering information into financial accounting system. Apply now!

About the Company

Incorporated in 1998, Handiman is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company that provides cost effective and customer centric facility management solutions. We have strong presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Madurai. Handiman provides "Complete Facility Solution" by being not just a better service provider, but by being a "Care Taker". It is not just about maintaining or guarding your premises, but to take away your anxieties about uncertainty in service delivery. So,one can entrust their property's custodianship to Handiman. Hence Handiman's core offering is your peace of mind - high quality service is just a by product.

Detailed Job Description

1) Intern will work under the supervision of the business services division management and must follow the accounting or auditing process

2) To collect, understand, process, verify and report accounting related-information to his/her vertical head

3) Be given professional analytical and management support work assignments

4) Assistance may be required in the preparation of monthly or weekly financial reports

5) Develop and utilize spreadsheets, databases and other computer applications

6) Manage specialized information, reports, forms dealing with fees, billing, tracking of projects etc

7) Enter information into the financial accounting system of the company

#Smart and should have a Minimum knowledge about there specialization.
#Good verbal & written skill.
#Good with numbers

Benefit & Perks

1) Experience Certificate

2) A Possible PPO