Design a 'Behavioral' Interview process for Jubilant FoodWorks as part of their hiring strategy to help identify the right candidates.

Want to know the best way to identify whether a candidate's characteristics and motivations match the behaviors needed for the job?
Behavioural interview can help identify potential candidates that meet organizational goals. Help Jubilant food works to set up behavioural interview process as part of its hiring strategy.

Key Deliverables

Establish specific requirements for the position functions
Create a comprehensive list of functions for the worker and managerial/supervisory positions in the company and identify the critical functions therein.

Sample behavioural interview questions 
Research the behavioural method of interviewing and generate a list of position-specific behavioural interview questions that can be used by the interview panel while interviewing potential employees.

Sample rating scales for different positions
Explore the rating methodologies for screening subjective candidate responses to ensure objectivity in the hiring process.

Behavioural interview process flowchart
Based on the overall research, outline a comprehensive and detailed behavioural interview process that can be used and implemented by the HR department of the company.

Learning Outcomes

On completing this project, you will have the following value additions:

1)  Insights into company hiring strategies, especially the food industry
2) Insights into the labour market of the food and beverage industry
3) Experience in conducting detailed job analysis
4) Research and plan the implementation of Behavioural Event Interview Technique
5) The quantitative and qualitative assessment methodology

Additional Details

Finding and retaining talent is one of the largest challenges faced by small and large companies alike.
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited has exclusive rights to the operation of the Domino’s Pizza brand in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
The Company also has 37 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across 10 cities in India. Jubilant wishes to know the best way to identify whether a candidate's characteristics and motivations match the behaviours needed for the job.
The purpose of Behavioral Interviews is to assess the personal capabilities and characteristics - abilities, traits, motivations - of the person being interviewed for a specific job.
This is your chance to assist the company in setting up a behavioural interview process as part of their hiring strategy.