Opportunity to join Media India for all the talented content writers who are good at inking their thoughts into words.

If you're targeting a career in content management and curation, this internship can prove to be a vital milestone. Help Media India to grow faster with your skill and get them closer in acheiving their mission of connecting Eupore & India through Consultancy services, operational support and events.

About the Company

Media India Group is a global platform founded in 2004, based in Europe and India, encompassing publishing, communication, consultation services and event management. Media India Group (MIG) is a Publishing house based in France and New Delhi/NCR promoting India as a business and tourism destination through its 6 publications in French, Spanish and English. *Vision of company is to ""To act as a common platform for two continents to exchange business and cultural talks through different mediums"" *Mission of company is to ""bring news and analyses about India in various sectors. To connect Europe and India through consultancy services, operational support and events.

Detailed Job Description

1) Interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances
2) Writing copy for publication on a tight deadline
3) Building contacts and sources for use in future stories
4) Fact-checking the information given to you by a source
5) Creating blog publications
6) Writing, editing and submitting copy
7) Proofreading
8) Verifying statements and facts
9) Liaising with editors, sub-editors, designers and photographers
10) Researching articles
11) Establishing and maintaining contacts

#Graduates & Pursuing undergraduation

#Attention to detail
#Excellent written & communication skills
#Fast learner

Benefit & Perks

1) Experience letter
2) A possible PPO