Are you a web developer in the making? Here's your chance to be an intern and create your own content.

Spinnaker LLC is a management services company that transforms technology and service assets into high value businesses. Spinnaker is hosting an Internship for web development, where the interns can create their own content. What would you design if your had creative carte blanche?

About the Company

SPINNAKER consistently delivers exceptional quality advice, expertise and tools to top executives at Fortune 1000 companies. Our solutions empower corporations to maximize the value of their assets, streamline the performance of their operations, and enhance their competitive positioning, even in the face dynamic market environments. These benefits, which extend directly to the organization's customers and – ultimately – their investors, have resulted in long-term relationships with SPINNAKER.

Detailed Job Description

Web Developer - Programming, Designing & Developing

• Creating websites using standard HTML/CSS practices.
• Developing and deploying your own content.
• Communicating with colleagues to ensure there is a clear establishment of what is needed and can be created.
• Programming , designing and developing content, web services/APIs, backend and administration systems using PHP/MySQL and open source frameworks.

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#Analytical Skills

Benefit & Perks

Excellent Stipend & Experience letter