Exciting opportunity to work with leadership at Voltas Beko in setting up an HR function and recruit at Sanand factory.

Manufacturing industry in India requires human capital now more than ever as they plan to be the fastest growing service sector. Be an intern and get a chance to work closely with Voltas Beko a leading home appliances company to strategize source and recruit for a factory at Sanand. 

Key Deliverables

Talent Acquisition template and evaluation sheet
Draft an interview template and scorecard to evaluate prospective candidates

Capability Development plan
Give recommendations on employee training and development

HR Manual and Branding ideas
Come up with a sample HR manual and employer branding ideas

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this project, you will have the following value additions:

• Insight into the recruitment process
• Knowledge of enabling learning and development for company employees
• Designing HR policy
• Ideating on employer branding

Additional Details

Voltas, India’s most trusted cooling appliance brand, has joined hands with Beko, a leading international home appliances brand. Together, Voltas Beko brings together years of experience of two global leaders in providing the best solutions to our consumers for their everyday household needs. The tastes and demands of consumers keep evolving with generations, which makes it indispensable for any business to adapt with time. VoltasBeko brings state-of-the-art features in all its appliances by infusing design and technology in the right proportions. So as to make the possibilities of tomorrow happen today.
VoltasBeko is hiring at its Sanand factory, which means more manpower is needed and thus more HR personnel are needed too.
Design a hiring strategy for Voltas Becko, to help them hire the right candidates at their Sanand Factory, in Gujrat.