Do you like to analyze financial statements, market-trends and economic parameters to arrive at business solutions? Be a Financial Analyst!

Wipro Limited is an Indian MNC that provides I.T., consulting and business process services. Wipro has launched a financial analyst program, where business management education is sponsored by the company. Successfully complete the given project to get a competitive edge, when building a career as a financial analyst.

Key Deliverables

Industry Overview and Job Role

Document your understanding of the BPO Industry in India and the role of a financial analyst in the industry.

Ratio Analysis

Compute various financial ratios, using the Wipro Financial Statements.

Authoritative FASB (US GAAP) Pronouncements

Identify and interpret FASB Accounting Pronouncements.

Learning Outcomes

On completing this project, you will learn:

• About the BPO industry in India

• About Financial Analyst as a career

• Researching job profile specific information

• The requirements for becoming a Financial Analyst

• US GAAP and important related concepts.

• Financial Statement Analysis using Ratio Analysis

Additional Details

A financial analyst provides financial recommendations backed by research of macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions that exist for a business. They often recommend a course of action, such as to buy or sell a company's stock based upon its overall current and predicted strength. Financial Analyst is a blanket profile which can help build a career in finance in diverse fields of work. Fishers and budding financial professionals prefer this job role for its huge upside potential. This project is designed to prepare you for the real-world tasks performed by a financial analyst. The project will help you gain theoretical insights into the BPO industry. The contents of this project are aimed at maximising your understanding of US GAAP.