Contribute towards empowering women by assisting Jagori, an NGO, in its marketing and awareness campaigns.

Jagori in on a mission to inform, inspire and empower women. In its endeavour to reach out to women in increasingly innovative ways, it is looking for creative and smart volunteers who can create blogs, posters and web creatives for the NGO. 


"JAGORI means ""awaken, women!"" Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower. Our endeavour is to reach out to women in increasingly innovative ways. The NGO has as its objectives: 1. Consciousness raising and awareness building on violence, health, education, development, and other issues critical for women´s individual and collective empowerment 2. Production and distribution of creative material on feminist issues 3. Dissemination of information and knowledge on feminist concerns to meet the needs of women´s groups, NGOs, and development organisations 4. Advocacy on women´s rights and gender equality"

#Inequality & Discrimination

Resources Provided by NGO

 Place to work at office if needed

Requirements from Volunteers

Create creatives for Jagori and its activities
Blog Posts
Animations / GIFs
Web creatives
Social media posts with images for Jagori activities and events
Other creative material as per requirement
Creative bent of mind
Demonstrate commitment to women’s rights
Demonstrate good research, analytic thinking and writing skills
Good written and oral communication skills in English, and working knowledge of Hindi
Ability to work in a team, take initiative and manage priorities in diverse settings and environment  

Additional Details

Fresher may apply, this is an unpaid position. JAGORI will not be able to offer any stipend and can at best cover local travel costs for field and other related visits. JAGORI will offer a working space for the internship.

For this position one can work from home and occasionally visit our office if needed or completely interact on emails.